More Than Checks is a comprehensive survey tool that provides relevant answers to all of your questions.
Online, in real time, focused, easy and affordable.


Measure the performance of your team and your team players


Get an overall picture of your company


Do you have the right leaders in the right positions?


Where do you have the highest leverage to improve customer satisfaction?


Do you meet your management responsibilities?



More Than Checks certified external (or internal) consultants
perform professional surveys for you, e.g.

  • Leadership check (up to 360 degrees)
  • Customer feedback
  • Employee surveys
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Company culture analysis
  • Change monitoring
  • Team performance
  • Individual checks


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A team is an active group of people pursuing a common goal who feel an obligation to work together effectively, enjoy their work and provide excellent performance. Measure the performance of your team and your team members Identify any shortfalls in common goals, leadership, work methods, clarity of roles across the entire organization, dedication & motivation, openness & atmosphere, creativity & innovation, etc. More Than Teams!

As a manager or team leader you will receive answers to questions such as:

  • Does the team have common goals and outlooks?
  • How transparent and coordinated are these goals?
  • Is everyone tugging on the same rope?

  • How integrated is the team within the organization?

  • etc.


Get an overall picture of your company with regards to “strategic development”, “structures and processes”, and “company culture”. Identify your strengths as well as your shortfalls in cross-departmental interfaces, efficiency of meetings, error culture, innovativeness, flexibility & customer orientation. Regularly having the ‘health’ of your organization examined increases your business excellence. More Than Excellence!

  • Recognize productivity reserves, badly placed personnel, redundancies, inefficient meetings, insufficient qualifications, bumpy processes, insufficient quality of leadership, etc.
  • How accurately matched are the business model, the organization and the leadership?
  • Where should effort be made to ensure sustainable increases in performance?
  • How should the processes and company culture be designed in order to do so?




Really good leadership is no accident and is an absolutely crucial in achieving success. Leadership personnel have a strong influence on work processes, working conditions and personnel satisfaction. and effectiveness and efficiency both depend on that. Your leadership performance, if the appropriate leadership system exists, enables company performance. Do you have the right leadership personnel in the right positions? More Than Managers!

Does your leadership personnel provide feedback regarding their leadership performance and can they provide clarity on their own with a management audit? Many leadership personnel do not fulfill their leadership responsibilities because either they … aren’t able to, aren’t allowed to, or don’t want to …



Many companies receive regular feedback from customer satisfaction analysis. Beyond feedback, you can utilize a customer questionnaire if you want to know what your customers want and need; because the success of yesterday is rarely a guarantee for the success of tomorrow. Beside the qualitative aspects of a user’s experience the quantitative elements must also be constantly monitored; structured, affordable, brief, concise, online and actionable. More than Feedback!

  • Where do you have the most leverage to improve your customer focus?
  • Why have you lost customers?
  • Are your customers aware of the entire range of your services?
  • How much does the customer share your estimation of the market and how willing are they to follow you?
  • Which customers would recommend your company and your products?




How to fulfill the management responsibility of managing change processes through constantly changing framework conditions? Monitor your change processes at regular intervals! Change Monitoring provides you with clear statements / KPI’s in regards to your most important change objectives. and even to the so-called soft factors such as inter-departmental cooperation, efficient meetings and the effects of leadership (or lack thereof). More Than Change!

Ideally, systematic change monitoring would accompany each change process. At the start of the initiatve a status quo will be implemented and checked at regular intervals to see how the relevant indicators have changed. This allows checks to be made during a running change process to see if sufficient information has been provided, if the measures are effective, if the proposed changes have been sufficiently accepted and implemented, etc.

What is More Than Checks

More Than Checks combines a brilliant technique with a professional approach towards a sustainable development and improvements of organizations.

And in addition with an excellent value for money: the innovative technology makes More Than Checks the leader in price and quality for surveys!

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Smarter analysis

Validated sets of questions and modules allow for various checks to be set up quickly and correctly. Configurable to recognized standards or to your specific needs.

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Pertinent reports

Results are prepared using our own report builder and presented and discussed interactively using our report player.

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Consistent monitoring

More Than Checks enables a consequent tracking and measurement of effectiveness of actions taken.

The whole process – integrated and one-stop

From a in-depth analysis of the organization to monitoring or specific personnel and organizational development measures.

Preparation and analysis

Basic assumptions, hypothesis, focus, target groups and finally, selection.

of the results

Professional preparation of the results with your consultant as a coach. Summarizes critical problems.


In a qualitative discussion of the results in the interactive workshop.


More Than Checks picks up the trail and tracks the effectiveness of change measures.

Customers who trust us already …

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We undergo a sustained change process. Change monitoring with More Than Checks delivers interesting feedback and transparency to our change communication. In addition cultural change goals become tangible and measurable.

Dr. Wolfgang Rapberger, Vice President Global Sourcing Powertrain & Operations Gunskirchen


Fighting the symptoms can only do so much. More Than Checks ensures a comprehensive perspective on your company.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Dietmar Kilian, Managing Partner PDAgroup

We have principles

Less is more

Short and concise questionnaires, clear and quick snapshots of the company. Fewer, more relevant questions lead to significant answers.

More than a tool

The tool as a piece of the puzzle within the entire organization consulting process. The customer’s company will be accompanied by an organizational expert.

Based on quantitative facts

Using questionnaires to identify vital potential for improvement. Implementing clear measures interactively with the management team of the customer’s company.

“The truth is rarely this way or that
but usually this way and that.”

Who is More Than Checks


Dr. Konrad Breit

Founder and Managing Partner of MORE THAN CHECKS

Academic and practical background. Change consultant and management coach


Alexander Schön

Founder and Managing Partner of MORE THAN CHECKS

Background as technician, HR-Manager in large organizations, consultant and mediator


Hirschgasse 5
4020 Linz, Austria

Dr. Konrad Breit
+43 664 2430560

Alexander Schön
+43 676 4554254